Sabaha Khurshid

Ms. Sabaha Khurshid is a graduate of International Relations from Bahria University, Islamabad.

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Keywords: India, US, strategic partnership, engagement


South Asian region has a great significance for the world powers and also for regional states because of their strategic interests. It has been more than 50 years since the independence of the South Asian countries but their political and economic situation is uncertain. The United States is considered one of the oldest democracies and India is considered the world’s largest democracy. The perception is that if the world’s two greatest democracies engage in a partnership, it will ultimately result in ensuring peace and stability in the region. The Indo-US partnership has gone through many ups and downs. This partnership has earlier faced estrangement and after a few years, it transformed into a strong bond based on the convergence of interests. This research aims to analyse the factors that contributed to the convergence of the interests of both states and how far both of them have come. The research also evaluates the security concerns for Pakistan.

First Published

September 25, 2019

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Sabaha Khurshid, “Indo-US Partnership: From Estrangement to Engagement,” Regional Studies 37, no.3 (Autumn 2019): 32-58,


Volume 37, Issue 3