Md. Abdul Alim

Dr Md. Abdul Alim is an election and political party specialist currently working as Director Elections of the Election Working Group (EWG)/CSO Development at The Asia Foundation.

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Keywords: Bangladesh, 10th parliamentary session, all party government, boycotted, Awami League, Voter turnout, constitutionally correct, unacceptable reforms, electoral process, Election Commission


The 10th parliamentary election of Bangladesh, held on 5 January 2014 under a strange ‘all-party government’, failed to express the will of the people as it was boycotted by 18 opposition political parties in protest against the abolishment of the caretaker government provision. As a result, a total of 154 seats were uncontested, mostly going to the ruling Awami League. Voter turnout was low, due to both the boycott and violence. Although ‘constitutionally correct’, this election’s credibility has been seriously questioned due to its lack of inclusiveness. Several unacceptable reforms were made ahead of the 10th parliamentary election, which have destroyed the credibility of the electoral process. The overall objective of this paper is to analyse those initiatives taken by the government as well as the Election Commission, which have destroyed the electoral governance of Bangladesh.

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December 25, 2016

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Md. Abdul Alim, “10th Parliamentary Election and Destruction of Electoral Governance In Bangladesh,” Regional Studies 35, no.1 (Winter 2016-17): 33-53,


Volume 35, Issue 1