The publication process tentatively takes around 2 months. The aforementioned timeline is subject to differ based on the number of entries received during each cycle, public holidays, and availability of relevant reviewer(s) for the submission, among others. The publication process stretches across seven phases which are as follows.       

1) Submission [Response time: 3 days]       

Authors can send in their submissions for publications via The submissions are acknowledged within three days of receipt by the Editorial Office at IRS. Regional Studies only receives submissions via the aforementioned email address. In-person submissions or submissions received via post are not only discouraged but are filtered out from the process upon receipt.  

2) Editorial Review [Response time: 2 weeks]         

Once received, all entries undergo a rigorous editorial review. The purpose of the editorial review is to determine whether the submission fits in the scope of the journal and if it is in a position to be sent out for peer-review. In case of any major inadequacies, the submissions are sent back to the author(s) awaiting resubmission. At this stage, the Editorial Team evaluates the submission for some preliminary quality markers which include but are not limited to:
* Resonance with the stated Aim and Scope of Regional Studies;         
* Language/ grammar/ syntax of the submission;      
* Similarity Index Report for each submission [with permissible limit of maximum 20 per cent]. Submissions exceeding the aforementioned mark are sent back to the author(s) for revisions if rest of the content is publishable;
* Structure/ coherence in the arguments presented.

3) Peer Review [Response time: 2-3 weeks]

Following a preliminary evaluation to eliminate submissions unsuitable for Regional Studies, the papers shortlisted following the Editorial review are sent out for Peer-review. The journal’s policy is to have manuscripts reviewed by two expert reviewers. Regional Studies utilizes a double-blind peer review process in which the reviewer and author’s names and information are withheld from each other. All manuscripts are reviewed as rapidly as possible, while maintaining rigor. Reviewers make comments to the author(s) and recommendation(s) to the Editor who then makes the final decision .

4) Resubmission [Response time: 1 week in case of major revisions | 4 days in case of minor revisions]     

Review report(s) from each reviewer are sent to the author(s) to make suggested revisions to their original submissions. The authors are expected to resubmit their revised papers within the designated deadlines as accorded by the Editor Regional Studies. The authors are also required to submit a Justification Report detailing how they have addressed Reviewers’ comments and concerns. A template of the aforementioned Justification Report is emailed to the author(s) along with the peer-reviews.      

5) Editorial Review [Response time: 1 week]

Upon re-submission, the Editorial Board reviews the paper once again to ascertain if the authors have fully incorporated the suggested revisions in their original submissions. If any element of the reviews is found to be inadequately addressed, the entries are sent back to the author. Alternatively, if the Editorial Board is convinced with the revisions made by the author, the paper is forwarded for necessary typesetting and formatting.

6) Online Publication [Response time: 1 week]       

Following necessary typesetting and formatting, a proof of the final version of the paper is sent to the author(s). If the author(s) approve of the final version, the paper is posted online on the Journal’s website. Concerns/observations regarding the final version are addressed accordingly. Since Regional Studies is an open access journal, the articles posted online are easily accessible for the readers.  

7) Publication (in Print)[Response time: 1-2 weeks following online publication]         

Hard-bound publication of Regional Studies usually depends on the backlog at the publishing house but tentatively takes up to 14 days. The copies are sent to the author(s) at the addresses provided during the Submission process.