Ms. Sadia Tariq the Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy and Arts, Pakistan; Mr. Asif Iftikhar teaches in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan; Puruesh Chaudhary is the Founder and President of Agahi Pakistan; and Mr. Khurram Khurshid is the Founder and Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision (iVision) research lab at the Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan.

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Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI safety, Neural Networks, social power, the human mind, futures, intellect, harmony


Given the present dominant negative social use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this paper introduces a new concept of social power, i.e., social harmonious power, as a much-needed and more stable foundation for ensuring positive and harmonious co-existence and collaboration between humans and AI, including autonomous AI of the future. It also proposes the idea of a new neural network as a possible contribution to the domain of AI safety and a practical tool in the hands of humans who subscribe to the concept of ‘social harmonious power’. Through employing the classical method of philosophical inquiry and alternative scenario building, it explains how this new approach and its concepts can help us better understand and address the present negative, unethical, and conflict- ridden social applications of AI and also lends support to the optimistic scenario and efforts to actualize a more integrated and congruent future of human species and AI.

First Published

December 25, 2022

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Sadia Tariq et al., “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Harmony,” Regional Studies 40, no.2(Winter 2022):18-35,


Volume 40, Issue 2