Amna Nisar

Ms. Amna Nisar is Assistant Research Officer at the Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad.

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Keywords: Chabahar port, CPEC, IOR, RAW, CARs


In recent years, India has shifted its policy to strategically isolate Pakistan at the international level by lobbying against Pakistan on international forums and establishing alliances with countries like Iran and Afghanistan to gain economic benefits and expand its defence and surveillance capabilities by gaining secure access to assets and infrastructure outside its borders. India is also competing with China and Chinese business expansion in the region. A prime example of this rivalry is its funding for the development of Chabahar port against Gwadar port, which is an important element of Pakistan’s CPEC project. Through Chabahar port, India has not only initiated a trade war against China and Pakistan but is also contributing to increased terrorism in Pakistan. This paper presents an analysis of how the Chabahar port will create economic, security, and strategic challenges for Pakistan.

First Published

June 25, 2019

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Amna Nisar, “Chabahar Port: A Challenge for Pakistan,” Regional Studies 37, no.2 (Summer 2019): 41-63,


Volume 37, Issue 2