Md Bakthear Uddin

Mr Md Bakthear Uddin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Keywords: Bangladesh, political parties, Awami League, BNP, Jatiya Party, political families


Political dynasties play an important role in many modern states including some present-day democracies. There has been a remarkable increase in the role of families in political parties and politics in recent times. Members of political dynasties and powerful political families commonly hold important party and government offices in Bangladeshi politics. Political dynasties are not only at work at the national level but also at the regional or local level. Like other South Asian countries, Bangladesh also has its share of family-based political recruitment. This paper assesses the extent and reasons for the significance of selective powerful families in Bangladesh. Political dynasties enable dynastic politicians to preserve and extend their power in Bangladeshi politics. An attempt has been made here to describe recruits of local and national level leaders of three major parties in Bangladesh from the members of the families of the powerful local and national leaders of those parties. This paper claims that cultural tradition, the importance of blood connections or kinships, and lack of institutionalisation give rise to dynasticism in Bangladesh politics.

First Published

March 25, 2020

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Md Bakthear Uddin, “Families and Political Recruitment in Bangladesh: A Study of Major Political Parties,” Regional Studies 38, no.1 (Spring 2020):3-32,


Volume 38, Issue 1