Hasina Afruj Shanta

Dr. Hasina Afruj Shanta is an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Keywords: Ganges River, Farakka Barrage, Water Sharing Treaty, international water law


The Ganges river water sharing dispute has long been a problematic issue for Bangladesh. Bangladesh has tried to resolve the dispute through the 1996 Ganges River Water Sharing Treaty with India. However, the dispute over Ganges river water sharing remains and has become a burning issue in Bangladesh-India water relations. This study follows the content analysis method and thoroughly examines the principles of international water laws for the settlement of trans-boundary river disputes. It finds that widely accepted principles of customary international water laws have not been properly followed to resolve the Ganges River water-sharing dispute which makes the 1996 treaty weak. The study emphasises the legal obligations of both Bangladesh and India in the case of trans-boundary river water sharing and aims to add to insights on dispute resolution.

First Published

December 25, 2023

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Hasina Afruj Shanta, “Ganges Water Sharing Dispute: An Analysis in the Context of International Water Law”, Regional Studies 41, no.2 (Winter 2023), 3-22 https://regionalstudies.com.pk/wp/article/ganges-water-sharing-dispute-an-analysis-in-the-context-of-international-water-law/


Volume 41, Issue 2