Quratul Ain Hina, Zawar Hussain and Muhammad Aftab

Dr Quratul Ain Hina is Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad.

Mr. Zawar Hussain is a student of MPhil Student in the Department of Education at NUML, Islamabad.

Mr. Muhammad Aftab is a student of MPhil in the Department of Education at NUML, Islamabad.

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Keywords: Brain-drain, professionalism, classroom environment management, instruction and assessment strategy, professional attitude


This paper assesses the effects of globalisation in terms of brain-drain on the professionalism of the teachers of higher education institutions in Pakistan. The research is based on a survey method. The target group consisted of 11,092 faculty members of HEC-recognised universities located in Islamabad. By using a convenience sampling technique, 198 faculty members were selected as sample. To measure the intention to migrate Planning and Preparation for Opportunities Assessment scale was used. Professionalism Assessment scale was used to assess teachers’ professionalism. The data revealed that the intention to migrate was having a significant effect on the professionalism of the teachers. Female faculty members were found to be significantly more inclined to migrate and better in their professionalism as compared to male faculty members. The faculty members between the ages of 46 and 55 were significantly better in professionalism. Teachers who had completed their PhD were more inclined toward migration in search of opportunities. The faculty having over 15 years of experience was also found to be significantly more inclined to migrate. They were also better in professionalism as compared to the other respondents. The paper recommends that teachers need to the incentivised by the government to make them resist the temptation to migrate, such as high salary, participation in departmental decisions, appreciation certificates, job security, etc.

First Published

September 25, 2019

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Quratul Ain Hina, Zawar Hussain, and Muhammad Aftab, “Globalisation-Induced Brain-Drain Affecting Academic Faculty’s Professionalism at the Higher Level,” Regional Studies 37, no.3 (Autumn 2019): 59-81, https://regionalstudies.com.pk/wp/article/globalisation-induced-brain-drain-affecting-academic-facultys-professionalism-at-the-higher-level/


Volume 37, Issue 3