Muqaddus Jehan Kundi

Muqddus Jehan Kundi conducts research in the domain of International relations. She harbors a keen interest in global narratives, current affairs and International development.

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Keywords: South Asia, Afghanistan, raw minerals, Taliban
takeover, US withdrawal


The minerals of Afghanistan are of economic interest to the major powers. This paper analyses China’s growing involvement in Afghanistan and its prospects. It also discusses the trilateral alliance between Afghanistan, China, and Pakistan and its implications for regional and global stakeholders. China can profit from raw material extraction in Afghanistan and the provision of transit routes. Making use of the geographical proximity between the three, there is room for cooperation and dialogue on countering terrorism and resource development. For Pakistan, cordial relations with Afghanistan can be fruitful in energy supply, security provision, connectivity, and ensuring its overall strategic interests.

First Published

June 25, 2022

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Muqaddus Jehan Kundi, “Growing Chinese and Pakistani Influence in Afghanistan and Its Implications,” Regional Studies 40, no.1 (Summer 2022): 83-102,


Volume 40, Issue 1