Mr. Allah Nawaz is a graduate of Bahria University, Islamabad.

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Keywords: Cold Start Doctrine, integrated battle groups, command and theatre, electronic warfare


Since its inception, Pakistan is under threat from India. The Indian pursuit of hawkish ambitions in the South Asian region is not only compromising the already fragile security environment but also bringing three nuclear-powered states at loggerheads. Although Indian policymakers point towards China as their main adversary, a close examination of their strategic policies indicates that primarily Pakistan is on their radar. From the Nehru doctrine to the Indira doctrine, from Sunderji to the Cold Start doctrine, and from hybrid war to land warfare doctrine India left no stone unturned to harm Pakistan surreptitiously or explicitly. The study is aimed to investigate the latest Indian new land warfare doctrine of 2018. It will also briefly highlight the previous transformative trends in Indian military doctrinal transformations. Furthermore; the study will be concluded by highlighting the major impacts of the new land warfare doctrine on Pakistan.

First Published

December 25, 2022

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Allah Nawaz, “Indian Military’s Land Warfare Doctrine 2018 and its Implications for Pakistan,” Regional Studies 40, no.2(Winter 2022): 80-107,


Volume 40, Issue 2