Abdul Kalam

Abul Kalam, PhD is a former Chair of the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka. He was also a Fellow at the University of Oxford, and a Distinguished Japan Foundation Professor of International Relations at the University of Sindh.

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Keywords: political destiny, Bangladesh, strategic pathways, maritime policy, insecurities, security system, democratic, maritime clout, oceanic policies, threat perceptions


In terms of policy destiny, Bangladesh remains committed to a peaceful course, however, the strategic pathways require delicate, even calculated managing. Its maritime policy is largely geared towards meeting the developmental challenges it faces. The maritime security of the country is indivisible from the overall insecurities it confronts. It is, therefore, imperative for Bangladesh to strategize the policy, both internal and external. A credible security system, encompassing both land and maritime, can only be assured by democratic continuity and consensus. Deficits manifested in such areas must be overcome if Bangladesh is to play a credible regional maritime role and enhance its maritime clout regionally and internationally. The paper analyses maritime security concerns of Bangladesh and its evolving oceanic policies from a strategic vantage point. Towards such an end, it reviews the strategic analytical tradition from a maritime perspective and identifies the relevant approaches in this context. It then highlights a conceptual design encompassing applicable notions that look pertinent. The conceptual blueprint is then used for analysing the evolving pattern of the nation’s maritime policies in terms of strategy and a secured developmental destiny. The nation’s maritime insecurity concerns, both traditional and non-traditional, are reviewed; appraisals are also made of threat perceptions as well as perceptual interests, touching on its maritime clout. The findings of the paper are then summarised, with reflections on the emerging nature of the nation’s maritime policies and the prospects that are offered.

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March 25, 2017

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Abdul Kalam, “Maritime Security of Bangladesh: Strategic Imperatives,” Regional Studies 35,  no.2 (Spring 2017): 3-48, https://regionalstudies.com.pk/wp/article/maritime-security-of-bangladesh-strategic-imperatives/


Volume 35, Issue 2