Mr. Usama Khalid is a Programme Associate at the PakAid Organisation, Islamabad.

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Keywords: carbon neutrality, green development, sustainable growth, climate change, carbon emission, green energy


China being the most significant contributor to carbon emissions makes it crucial for it to take countermeasures to create resilience against climate change. To understand this, we must examine the multiple dimensions and dynamics of China’s path toward a greener future. This paper will study China’s actions in multiple sectors to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. The paper determines the positive environmental impacts of China’s green development initiatives and their benefits for the Chinese economy. It also explores how these actions can catalyse green development in other developing nations. While this paper covers sectors like energy, agriculture, development, and transport, it may not encompass all aspects of China’s green initiatives, leaving room for further research. The research would help in leveraging China’s experiences as a blueprint for environmental protection and economic growth in developing nations. Additionally, it may foster greater public awareness and engagement in addressing climate change and green initiatives worldwide. The paper concludes that China’s green transformation is crucial for global climate goals, though there is room for improvement.

First Published

June 25, 2023

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