Amna Ejaz Rafi And Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

Ms Amna Ejaz Rafi is a Research Associate at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

Mr Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri is an Assistant Editor (Publications Department) at the Islamabad Policy Research Institute.

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Keywords: Hindutva, BJP, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Muslims


The Hindutva ideology is taking a toll on all walks of national life in India. The current resurging of Hindutva-based socio[1]political discrimination has its roots in the historic RSS doctrine, which has adversely impacted the Nehruvian concept of secular India, turning it into a collage of ghettos of innumerable communities and faiths of people living in world’s largest democracy. This study examines how the rise of Hindutva-based political exigency has affected Indian nationhood and torn its social and communal fabric.

First Published

September 25, 2021

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Amna Ejaz Rafi and Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri, “Rise of Hindutva as a Creed: Its Impact on India’s Politics and Society,” Regional Studies 39, no.4 (Winter 2021): 62-68,


Volume 39, Issue 4