Dr. Moonis Ahmar is a Meritorious Professor of International Relations at the University of Karachi and former Dean of its Faculty of Social Sciences.

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Keywords: radicalization, violence, extremism, terrorism,
peace, stability.


The challenge of extremism in South Asia needs to be understood and analysed from four angles. First, the failure of the state and society to eradicate the misuse of religion for political purposes. Second, the surge of intolerance and radicalization of youth which threatens peace and stability. Third, the erosion of rule of law and the justice system which encourages extremist elements. Finally, economic and social underdevelopment which provides a fertile ground to promote and flourish an extremist mindset. As a result, all South Asian countries are exposed and vulnerable to widespread extremism which leads to the outbreak of violence and terrorism. the paper will highlight fault lines in society which augment the threat of extremism and how the future of South Asia can be secured by unleashing a thought process that can promote tolerance at the grassroots level. The final part of the paper is composed of policy recommendations with an emphasis on following a collaborative approach on the part of South Asian countries to effectively deal with the challenge and menace of extremism.

First Published

June 25, 2022

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Moonis Ahmar, “The Challenge of Extremism and The Future of South Asia,” Regional Studies 40, no.1 (Summer 2022): 3-19,


Volume 40, Issue 1