Saeed Ahmed Rid

Dr. Saeed Ahmed Rid is Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. He is PhD in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford, UK. This paper is based on the author’s research work on his PhD thesis titled Interactive People to People Contacts between India and Pakistan at Peace Studies department, University of Bradford, UK.

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Keywords: people to people contacts, peace-building, India, Pakistan, Pakistan India People’s Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), anchor points


India and Pakistan have had people-to-people contact programmes since the 1980s, but until 2010, there had been relatively little academic study of this topic in either country. Journalists and academics have started writing and researching more about people-to-people interactions since 2010. Kothari and Mian included the stories of peace activists working to improve cross-border relations in their edited book. Despite the abundance of writings on P2P interactions, no one has yet tried to identify the antecedents of the P2P contact initiatives and consolidation work carried out by various peace groups in the 1980s. This study seeks to record the efforts of the various groups and individuals who initiated and fostered early ties between the people of India and Pakistan. This research delves into the foundations of trust between Indian and Pakistani communities that existed long before the PIPFPD was established through personal interactions. These foundations should be examined carefully because they laid the groundwork for the growth of a peace movement based on personal relationships between Indians and Pakistanis.

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September 25, 2016

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Saeed Ahmed Rid, “The Origin and Development of People-to-People Contacts Between India and Pakistan,” Regional Studies 34, no.4 (Autumn 2016): 23-43,


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