Mohammad Jahirul Quiyum

Dr Mohammad Jahirul Quiyum is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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Keywords: Bangladesh, China, trade, economic relations


Bangladesh-China relations have rapidly improved, especially in bilateral trade, which has increased significantly in recent years. Since the starting of Bangladesh-China relations, interaction has expanded through agreements, trade, investment, projects, and partnerships. However, trade is the most important sector, which has expanded remarkably in the 21st century. China is the largest trading partner of Bangladesh and Bangladesh’s trade with China accounts for 26.5 per cent of the total trade of Bangladesh, which is the highest and still growing.1 The paper is going to explore the gradual development of trade between the two countries. It will also discuss the major sectors of export and import and their contribution to increasing trade between the two countries. Throughout this research, it is also found that despite the increasing trade relations, both sides are still anxious about the rising trade deficit. So, the paper is also going to discuss the current situation of trade imbalance and ways to reduce it.

First Published

March 25, 2020

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Mohammad Jahirul Quiyum, “The Trend of Growing Trade between Bangladesh and China in the Twenty-First Century,” Regional Studies 38, no.1 (Spring 2020): 33-57,


Volume 38, Issue 1